Commercial Fuels



  • The HOST ISO Classic range of tanks are self bunded, double walled and designed to maximise fluid storage volumes while minimising the tank foot print. The tanks conform to local and international standards and comply with AS1940, AS1692 and AS1657.
  • This range of SBTs from HOST Tanks are available in 12,000  through to 110,000 litre sizes. They are suitable for storage of combustible products (diesel) and lubricants in varied applications. Flammable product (motor spirit) is restricted to 55,000 litre maximum storage in accordance to AS1940.
  • The design of the tanks is based on international ISO container standards so the units can be shipped via conventional container lock systems, minimising your freight costs and simplifying your foundation setup.
  • Ease of transporting the ISO style container allows for movement of the tanks should the need arise. Therefore making the tanks re-usable in other locations. This is of significant advantage for the contracting industries – whether civil, mining, logistics and power generation amongst others.
  • Here at Liquip SA we offer a range of dispensing and metering solutions to meet all your fuel transfer applications and fit-out  your chosen tank and we are  fully equipped to supply, install and provide ongoing service to your fuel storage solution.



  • For all your smaller volume storage applications HOST Tanks have available their Cubes Self Bunded Tanks range.
  • They are suitable for both combustible products (diesel) and flammable products (motor spirit), along with lube oils, waste products and other hydrocarbon applications.
  • The tanks have been designed and built to comply with AS1692 and AS1940.
  • The HOST Cubes range is available in seven sizes, including: 1000 L, 2000 L, 3000 L, 4000 L, 5000 L, 6000 L & 10,000 L Self Bunded Tanks.
  • Liquip SA can supply them as standalone Self Bunded Storage Tanks or complete with pumping and metering systems compliant to all hydrocarbon applications.



Good fuel management needs an integrated approach to really eliminate any grey areas. Liquip use Hectronic’s TA2331 based range of Fuel Management Systems (FMS) to deliver on this requirement. Manufactured in Hectronic’s German facility these FMS systems are second to none for their quality and proven reliability. Plug and play functionality includes Hectronic’s own Optilevel Tank Gauging System, Auto Vehicle Recognition System which also records kilometres travelled and time in operation.

Liquip use Hectronic TA2331 Integrated Fuel Management because it’s the best.

What’s so good about the Hectronic TA2331 range?

Fuel is a crucial input in your business and the base cost is not getting cheaper. Hectronic’s philosophy is a mixture of German engineering brilliance and Swiss clockwork like efficiency. Long experience in managing fuel means that there isn’t a situation that Hectronic have not encountered. This provides Liquip and you our customer a wide range of affordable, intuitive and intelligent FMS.

Key benefits of Hectronic TA2331 FMS

  • Very Flexible – Saves you money by using working aspects of your current system
  • Fully Integrated – Guarantees ultimate reliability because of proven components
  • Multiple ID Systems – Different groups can use different ID’s and access controls
  • Fuel Security – Regain authority over your fuel using Hectronic’s proven software
  • Correct Fuel Type and Grade – Eliminate dangerous fuel shandies
  • Easy to Install – Plug and play, just add fuel
  • Proven & Reliable - Thousands of working installations.


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